Nicole Metzger

Art Gallery

Original Paintings by Nicole Metzger

Nicole has her Bachelor of Business Degree from Brandon University, and designation from Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. Her artistry skills have all been self-taught alongside her professional studies. Art is an essential part of her core being, so she creates for her own balance and equilibrium.

She has completed over 50 commissioned artworks including children's book illustrations. She participated in group and solo art exhibitions in Canada and Barbados. Nicole has taught group acrylic painting classes, connecting and encouraging adult artists to play and be creative.

New subjects, mediums, styles, fresh ideas - as she believes this is the best way to learn and grow.

Archival Prints by Nicole Metzger

Nicole Metzger is a painter and artisan, focusing on abstract styled scenes of nature in acrylic and oil, as well as some watercolour paintings and pencil portraits. 

Inspired by nature and the beauty of this earth we call home, she captures vibrant colours through her artwork.

Nicole was born to a tiny town in central Canada, but moved to Barbados at the end of 2017.  An influence from the Caribbean and worldwide travel can be seen in her art.